After searching relevant keywords, your business listing won’t seem to appear. You’ve added where you are based, clicked onto the next page twice, but still no such luck!

Several businesses on Google suffer the same problem but don’t know the solution is simple. Majority of the times you are either:

·         not providing enough information on your Google My Business account

·         or you aren’t even aware you need to update it

If you believe you fit into one of these categories, you will be happy to know that we can solve your issue. Follow along as we address a few ways you can improve your local business ranking.

1) Filling in the boxes

When looking to improve your business listing on Google, the first and most important step is providing your customers with enough information on your business.

Google will always favour the most relevant results to ensure users are matched to the correct searches. Therefore, by providing information on your what you do or where you are, your business while appear more relevant to the customers you are wanting to attract.

2) Location Verification

By verifying your location, your business will become eligible for displaying on Google Maps and other features. As a result, your business locations will appear to users across Google’s products and search tool.

3) Accuracy within your listing

Potential customers are more likely to visit your business location when they are certain that you are available. Hence, why it is vital that when entering or updating your business’ opening hours to include special hours, such as holidays or special events. This way, customers will have more confidence visiting a location that they know will certainly be open.

4) Managing your reviews

After using a service or purchasing your product, it is not uncommon for users to leave a review on your account. By making sure you respond to these reviews, it proves how much you value your customers and their feedback. Additionally, the more positive reviews you have, the more Google will increase your listing’s visibility to interested customers. Again, this is to ensure customers are being shown the most relevant results. Therefore, by encouraging customers to leave feedback on your account (perhaps through a link), you will increase the opportunity for potential customers to visit your business.

5) Photograph your goods

Just as you would expect an image or example of a product; customers expect to see proof. Clear images of what you sell or the services you provide, will help build credibility in your business. Potential customers prefer to know who they are dealing with so an image of your logo will additionally help to showcase your business as a well-established company.


Paid Ads

The option to put up a Google Ad is great alternative for new businesses. Google Ads are a excellent way to advertise to new customers while going up against businesses that are ranked higher within organic search results. By targeting keywords, businesses using Google Ads have a greater chance at reaching a higher audience of customers interested in their range of products or services.

For more information on setting up and managing a Google ad, contact us at: info@wtstechnologies.com


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