There are many ways you can make your website better and more effective for your business. Here at WTS, we are always keen to help you make your site more accessible, relatable and help it to get more traffic.

Search-engine optimised

Your content needs to contain lots of keywords that are regularly being searched in relation to your business. Any customers or clients will Google certain phrases or words that you need to use to connect more effectively. Google Analytics is a great way of tracking which words work best. Social media will also play a big part.

A responsive site

It’s all well and good having a well-connected SEO site, but you must make sure it is responsive to all devices. Your website needs to work on mobiles (Android and iOS), as well as the more obvious laptops and computers. If the site can be used on any device, it means more people can access it which is always a good thing for your business.

Easy to read and navigate

A website with clear pages, menus, text, images and content is going to be used more than one that is confusing to consumers. The easier and more suited to your business it is, the better for you.

Colourful and attractive

People won’t use a site that is dull or unattractive. If your site draws people in, they are more likely to stay on it. Using design templates that suit your businesses style and character will impress consumers and keep them engaged. The design, text and images will make more people visit and use the site. Remember that a picture is a thousand words so use them carefully to lift the websites’ look.

Use marketing effectively

Stay connected with your consumers and clients by marketing regularly. Send out customer emails to keep them engaged in deals, offers, or new things. Post to social media and show the world what you are currently busy doing. Make regular customer connections via social media, take time to message back or reply to comments made on your pages.

Easy to make purchases or contact you

If you have a checkout process on your page, then make sure it is as easy as possible to use, make sure that icons are clear, and it doesn’t take too long to pay. If your site is not a purchasing page, then make sure your contact details are easy to see and access. The clearer and easier this is, the more purchases people will make, and the more potential sales you will have.

Show previous work and reviews

People like to ‘try before they buy’. You can make this a priority on your site by showing previous work you have done and, where possible, any reviews you have had. Any reviews or photos you have of your work means people can instantly see what you can do without having to ask.

Use your social media

Many people create a business social media account and never use it. Have your site synced to your social media profile, make sure you post weekly updates or articles to it and inform your followers of what you are doing right now.