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WTS Technologies Promo Video

WTS Technologies

WTS Technologies

Copyform Promo Video



Office Printers direct

Office Printers Direct

Office Printers Direct

OLMC e-system Video

OLMC e-system

OLMC e-system

Sell 2 Day Promo Video

Sell 2 Day

Sell 2 Day


process 1


We get to know you and your business and outline your ideas and objectives.

process 2

Creative conference

We draft a script for your promotional video and refine all creative ideas.

process 3


We create an initial storyboard and begin to bring your concept to life.

process 4

Audio production

We find a soundtrack that suits the tone of your project.

process 6


We edit together your script, visuals and soundtrack.

process 5

Concept presentation

You review a copy of your video. We discuss any changes and edits you would like to make and implement them.

process 8

Final Review

We check over the final render of your video and make any last amendments.

process 8


Your project is complete and ready for you to share with your audience.