You don’t need us to tell you that e-commerce is the fastest growing retail sector.

In Europe, between 2015 and 2016, online retail sales grew more than 15% and that trend has continued through 2017, with the UK is leading the way in online shopping in Europe, by a long way. The UK has the third largest e-commerce sector in the world and up to 80% of internet users in the UK use the web for shopping. That is a huge market.

But how is this shopping being done?

It will come as no surprise that as we spend more time on our smart phones, we also spend more money through our smart phones. In 2015, smart phone sales went up 47% and now stand at 51% of all online sales. We love our phones, and in future we will use them more and more.

So, what does this mean for your business?

Well, it means that you need a website that is mobile responsive or you could be missing out on over half of all sales being done online. In short, having a mobile responsive website is a very good idea. 

So, what is a mobile responsive website?

Well, it’s quite simple. A mobile responsive website is designed to seamlessly adjust to either a desktop, tablet or smartphone browser. Websites not designed this way will lose specific formatting when viewed on a smart phone. In other words, a responsive website looks good wherever you are, and allows users to access your content, and therefore your product or service, regardless of what device they are using. You will never miss a potential customer.

Therefore, every business needs a mobile responsive website.

There are only three exceptions to this rule:

·         - your business can survive without the internet

·         - you have no competitors

·         - you have an alternative mobile strategy.

If you do not fall into these categories, then you need to upgrade your website fast to keep up with these new developments, or, in effect, you are losing money. A lot of money, potentially.

In 2018 smart phone shopping looks set to continue its spectacular rise. And why not? It’s in your pocket, delivery is fast and trustworthy and payments are secure. Giants like Amazon look set to normalise even further the online shopping trends, through initiatives such as delivery actually inside your home. Added to this, smart phone technology keeps getting smarter.

You need a website that keeps pace with these developments. 

Right now, in the run-up to Christmas, is also the right time to be thinking about upgrading to a mobile responsive website. In 2016, UK consumers spent £25 billion online between November 13th and December 24th, and 54% of all those sales were on smart phones. A lot of money will be spent during this period so your business needs to be ready to meet this extra demand and this new way of shopping. 

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