If you are an amateur, you probably don’t know there’s a difference between designing and developing. To help you see what goes on behind the scenes, here’s our guide to the difference between the two when creating a website.

Web Design

When website designers get together its their job to research your business type and see what works best for your consumer market. They will evaluate past user experience and conversion rates to discover what will work best for your site.

In addition, it’s their job to check what works most efficiently on all screens, from phones to laptops, and everything between.

They will get to know your business, understand your product, and your needs as a business.

Before they get to the development stage, the design and functionality must be as precise as possible. It all starts at the beginning from research and talking to you, as the business owner.

This stage is the knowledge and thought processes, before the technology comes into play.

Website Development

Once you are happy with the overall design, the developers get to start bringing the creativity to life. Designers are often Developers, and Developers are often Designers, so they know every step of the process.

The coding of a website is the technology behind all those tabs, icons, pages and drop-down menus (to name just a few). Coders use various programmes such as; JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and HTTPs, for example.

They will work on a range of online developing tools to create bespoke, open-source platforms that will work best for your site.

This is the point where ideas turn into actual hard copy. The design takes form at the development stage. Once developed your site is ready to use!