We think about SEO all the time and it is imperative that it works for our clients. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website and ensuring it ranks highly on Google and other search engines.

Every business aims for online prevalence, and we have a few ways to ensure you appear higher on search engine websites.

URL and page titles

Your URL should be simple and readable. SEO keywords and phrases are the words potential customers are likely to search in Google, and on other search engines, so it is imperative that they work well. Your title might be longer than your URL, but it should still be relevant and work for your website.

Aim to keep your titles and pages consistent with your business and your consumer, by being modern and applicable you appear in search engines more frequently and engage well with future consumers.

Top tip= Keep it simple. Titles should be a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 75 characters long

META descriptions and tags

These descriptions are the small amount of text appearing under titles in search engines. It’s best to use as many keywords and phrases as suitable in your text and it will appear here. If you start using irrelevant words this will reduce your potential visitor success rate, and therefore future custom.

Top tip= Don’t be too lengthy. Search engines like these to be between 120 and 160 characters

ALT text

Alt text, or alternative text, are the words or phrases that can be inserted in a document to describe the contents of an image. When an image doesn’t load you are presented with a blank box with alt text inside.

Search engines are our current robots of society and they don’t see images the way we do. They need to read the image with keywords that are encrypted into them, so you need to be as descriptive as possible about the image and avoid any inaccuracies.

Title text

The titles on any page should be exciting and engage with your reader. They should advise the reader about what they will learn from reading ahead, encourage them to stay on your page and choose to visit again.

While an appealing title is a good way to gain your readers attention, you also need to match your SEO so ensure you are memorable and involve your niche to achieve the best result.

Top tip= Use semantically related keywords, and avoid repetition in your title to make it more exciting

Enrich your keyword list

In order to maximise your potential, you could review your competitors’ websites to discover what they are doing differently. In doing so you are reviewing and improving your own keyword listings.

It is a good idea to try and vary your keywords by using synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, singular and plural word forms to keep your site interesting.

Top tip= Track your progress with different keywords, titles and article headers.

Enjoy maximising your potential reach