Are you struggling to get followers on social media and don’t understand why? If your website and business are doing well but your social media is blocking you there could be a few reasons why and the resolutions could be simple.

Social media is a great way to find new clients, use free advertising and meet other businesses. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure it reflects your business well. Here are a few ideas to get your social media engaging with a wider audience.

Your image and biography

You might be struggling to promote your profile sell your business, and this is the easiest way. Show yourself in your profile image and biography by selling the best of your individuality, your achievements and your niche. Make the business personalised and likeable by appearing as a business friend or confidant. A human face to a business means you seem more personable and attractive to your potential customers.

Be original

Allow your business personality to come through by posting original content and articles that are relevant to you. Share things that your company would appreciate reading and find others to follow and like. This will engage businesses; they will appreciate your Facebook or Twitter accounts and it will encourage them to follow and support your page and posts.

Post regularly

The more content on your page, the more professional you look. The most popular profiles on social media have plenty of content, they engage with the public and use hashtags. Social media is a great platform to tell stories, socialise and make connections. Your page is also a good place to create more traffic through advertising, community events, and contests. Remember though that its also important to have quality over quantity and popular posts can be shared again.

Be responsive

Networking is simple on social media, so make sure you regularly respond to messages, tweets and posts. Make business ‘friends’ and meet new clients by posting on pages that seem abandoned, networking this way shows you are always on the lookout for new things.

Make posts public and shareable

This may seem obvious, but many social media pages forget that not everyone can see them. The more you can be seen the more chance you have of making yourself more business. Sharing statuses also means you look personable, professional and starts conversations in a wider network.

Stay connected

Another idea from successful sites its to connect all your social media. Your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should all mention each another, and be clearly listed on your website. You could also post regular blog updates to social media and make sure you are promoting your company at every opportunity. If you have a business card, make sure you mention your social media sites on there to get people watching your online presence.

Promote yourself and others

This is so important, without regular promotions and posts on your page, you may as well not be there. There’s a range of subjects to post about; from events in the business, networking opportunities, newsworthy topics and new developments in your company. Another way to post regularly is to share related content from other businesses, if you support the people close to you, they will do the same and you will reap the rewards. Be sure to sell yourself with good images and positive reviews.

Good luck making friends and socialising through the medium of the internet.