If your business is looking for e-commerce web design advice, here at WTS Technologies we’ve got you covered. Check out our top tips on the must-have features that should be incorporated into your business e-commerce website.

1. User-Generated Reviews 

Shoppers read reviews – according to research, 92% of shoppers in fact. The star rating on a product is the number one factor used by consumers. Depending on website functionality, e-commerce sites can use plugins from the most popular review platforms including Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook.

2. Special Offers

Standard practice for most e-commerce sites is to promote special offers. The next-level e-commerce sites take advantage of the prime real estate in the header section to promote special offers. When shoppers realise they’re getting a special deal, it motivates them to buy more and spend more time searching the site.

3. Wish Lists 

A remarketing campaign dream, indeed! What’s better than having customers bookmark items they want and will most likely buy in the future? It’s also an opportunity to share a brand with new buyers. When shoppers share their wish lists with family and friends, it sends FREE traffic with built-in social proof to a website.

4. Find-in-Store

For those e-commerce stores that have a bricks and mortar store, they must have a find-in-store feature. Shoppers want instant gratification they don’t want to wait for an item to ship. 72% of millennials are going online just to research and then complete the purchase in person. This makes it incredibly helpful to see which local stores have products in stock.

5. Related Items

It is no secret that simply seeing the phrase, “you might like this” causes a serotonin release signalling curiosity and excitement. A related items feature on an e-commerce site is actually signalling to the buyer “they get me”. It can also include similar product categories to comparison shop, “people who bought this item also searched for”, and so on.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The company’s buyers need detailed product information to feel comfortable when making a purchase. A FAQ feature establishes credibility and builds confidence with the buyer. FAQ sections also provides answers to common customer problems, product-related support, returns procedures, and forgotten passwords.

7. Security Features

Online transactions are an integral part of our lives. It’s crucial that online sellers protect customer information and take steps to ensure privacy to instil customer confidence. Some of the recommended services are e-commerce platforms like Magento or WordPress, SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, a firewall, and a privacy policy link in the footer.

8.  Advanced Payment Options 

In the world of Apple Pay and PayPal, advanced payment options are a must-have feature for an e-commerce site. Just consider the ease of use associated with Amazon one-click shopping. There are many popular online payment options. The key is to understand who the buyer is and implement the most effective solutions.

9. Detailed Shipping Information 

Alarmingly, unexpected shipping costs are the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment. It’s critical that e-commerce websites include shipping information early in the checkout process, including a zip code calculator showing cost. It’s also helpful to include delivery time and options for faster delivery. Sites should list countries that are outside normal shipping zones. Interestingly, shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included. Be sure to present codes for free shipping on all pages of the site through the header navigation, if applicable.

10.  Return Policy

Did you know:

at least 30% of all products bought online is returned

92% of consumers will buy again if the return process is easy.

67% of shoppers check out the returns page before making a purchase

No doubt, return policies are an essential feature of any e-commerce website. This is another trust-building feature of online selling. It reassures buyers that if they are unhappy or just need a different size, the brand is there for them.

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