When designing an online store to sell your products, it can be difficult to know where to start or better yet what should be the outcome.

By knowing which category your business falls under, you will have successfully taken the first step to designing your perfect retail website.

In the land of retail websites - Where do you fit?

Most websites can be categorised into two main categories:

·         E-commerce Store – A website made buying and selling goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

·         Catalogue Website - A website made up of around 10 pages, enabling visitors to browse through your range.

However, in order to know which category, you fall under you’ll need to understand your website requirements.

What are your website requirements?

The services you offer will determine what pages you will need. For example, big retail hypermarkets like Asda, Costco and Tesco are known for delivering to customers or giving the option to collect at local stores.

For this reason, an e-commerce website might be best suited so that customers are given the option to add products to cart and make online payments.

On the other hand, stores like Lidl and Primark are set up to display their product range, without the capability to make any transactions online. Therefore, catalogue websites which display product ranges/services fit their purpose best.


When determining what your website requirements are, consider whether you want your customers to be able to make a purchase online, make an inquiry or simply just showcase your product range. Knowing this will help you to understand how the design of your website will look like.

Photography and Design

In the industry of retail, pictures help make a purchase. Within a second of noticing the look of a product, an initial connection is created, and a customer is taken down a sales funnel. This means that the images you choose to showcase on your website can play a large part in whether a person will inquire about your products or choose to leave your page.

If you are unable to provide you own images, this may be something to discuss with a separate agency, or rather contact us for the option to provide you sourced relevant images, alongside your chosen web package.

What are your website’s objectives?

Understanding the end goal, you want your website to achieve is essential to designing your website. What is it you want to achieve? Here are a few example goals:

·         Sell a service or product

·         Present your brand’s identity

·         Promote a service or product online

This will guide the formation of your website to ensure your goals are fulfilled.

Where can I find help?

Now that you have outlined what segment of retail stores you class as and have built an understanding for the functionality of your website; you are ready to get started on your perfect retail website. There’s where we come in! With more than [insert years] years of experience, we are experts in designing artisan websites for our customers.

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