COUNTDOWN: 7 Exciting Instagram Updates for Businesses 2019


Starting from the beginning of this year, Instagram has been releasing various features that make B2C interactions easier. They have spent time researching the best strategy to attract a larger audience and released updates accordingly.

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5 Secrets to Designing Your Perfect Retail Website


When designing an online store to sell your products, it can be difficult to know where to start or better yet what should be the outcome.

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Why is Copywriting on My Website Important?


Many business owners often question the ratio of copy to media. Frequently pining their success on the multimedia displayed on their website.  What many people fail to understand is the impact copy has on a website’s visibility and authenticity within their industry. Consider this example: 

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How Can I Improve My Local Ranking on Google?


After searching relevant keywords, your business listing won’t seem to appear. You’ve added where you are based, clicked onto the next page twice, but still no such luck!

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SEO success for your website in 2019


We think about SEO all the time and it is imperative that it works for our clients. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website and ensuring it ranks highly on Google and other search engines.

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Best practices for Mobile Websites 2019


How can I capture my customer’s attention? What can I do to generate leads? And why is my average session duration low?

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What is GDPR and how does it affect my business?


 GDPR is an EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals and businesses within the European Union and economic area. It provides citizens with a greater level of control over their personal data; for example credit cards, photos, and other confidential information. It is the most important change in data regulation for over 20 years. If a data breach occurs you must now inform the individuals as quickly as possible.

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How to make your website work for your business


There are many ways you can make your website more efficient for your business. Here at WTS Technologies we are always investing in new ways to make websites more accessible and responsive.

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The worst website mistakes to avoid


If you have just set up a business, you will be desperate to make your website work well for you. Here are some of the worst website mistakes to avoid…

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Is SEO worth the hard work?


Many people believe that SEO is too complex and time consuming. But we have a complete guide on the negatives and positives as to why SEO is not only a necessary but also rewarding material to use.

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Website Design versus Website Development


If you are an amateur, you probably don’t know there’s a difference between designing and developing. To help you see what goes on behind the scenes, here’s our guide to the difference between the two when creating a website.

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Social Media: A must for your business


You don’t need us to tell you that these days everyone is on their phones and constantly using social media. But, you might need us to tell you about the many reasons your business needs to use it affectively…

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How to get more followers on your business social media accounts


Are you struggling to get followers on social media and don’t understand why? If your website and business are doing well but your social media is blocking you, there could be a few reasons why, and the resolution could be simple.
Social media is a great way to get new clients, free advertising and meet businesses. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure it reflects your business well. Here are a few ideas to get your social media footprint engaging with a wider audience.

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Is SEO worth it?


Many people believe that SEO is more trouble than it is worth. From its complexities to its positives, here is our guide to why SEO is a very necessary and very rewarding material to use effectively.

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Boost your business website's search rankings with these simple improvements


Ranking on the first page of Google is undoubtedly much harder than it once was, with the top results now dominated by big corporations and huge media companies. We look at some of the strategies that you can implement, to give your SME a chance of competing in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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This is why your business website needs HTTPS encryption (SSL) right now


As the owner of an website, you know how important it is for your customers to feel safe and protected when using your website and making an order.

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Why a simple checkout process is essential for mobile eCommerce


Making your website mobile friendly is very important, as we've previously discussed here on the WTS Technologies blog.

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How to drive traffic to your eCommerce website


You’ve spent a lot of time and money designing the perfect eCommerce website to showcase your fantastic products. The site goes live, you prepare yourself for a rush of customers and then…nothing happens. What went wrong?

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eCommerce: the hottest trends to watch in 2018


eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry and during 2018 we’re likely to see a number of exciting developments in the world of online retail.

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Boost your business online: the digital marketing essentials


In 2017 (soon to be 2018!) it’s essential for every business to have a solid online presence. In this article we look at the main things that every business should remember, in order to help them stay on top of their digital game and earn new customers online.

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This is why your business website needs to be mobile responsive


You don’t need us to tell you that e-commerce is the fastest growing retail sector.

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We have a winner! WTS Technologies award prize at Digital Growth Voucher relaunch


The WTS Technologies team had a fantastic time at the launch of phase two of Digital Enterprise's Digital Growth Voucher scheme yesterday!

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WTS Technologies launch Digital Growth Voucher Scheme at Life Centre in Bradford


Today the team from WTS Technologies are meeting local business people and letting them know about the Digital Growth Voucher scheme, and why they should sign up for it.

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Launching a new e-commerce website? Don't make these common mistakes!


In today’s online world, an effective business website is essential. Make a bad impression with a poorly designed and optimised site, and you could lose potential customers before they’ve even browsed your products or services. Here are some of the common mistakes that businesses make and which you should avoid.

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Website security: what you need to know


Websites are compromised all the time – fact. Any network is at risk. Even before we have considered any misuse or security breaches by staff, your server and the site it hosts are your most serious source of security risk.

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Your business eCommerce website needs to be mobile optimised. Here’s why, and how


A recent report based on Google and PayPal UK search and transaction data estimated that smartphone shopping will account for two thirds of UK eCommerce by 2020.

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eCommerce is huge - but how did it all begin?


Today we’re so used to buying goods online that it’s easy to forget eCommerce only took off a little over 20 years ago, in the early 1990s. Here we take a brief look at the fascinating history of eCommerce. How did it start, and which companies were the first to capitalise on the exciting new business opportunities presented by eCommerce?

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Online marketing strategies for your e-commerce website


If you've recently launched a new e-commerce website then you'll need to market it in order to drive potential new customers and sales.

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E-commerce website design: ten essential features


If your business is looking for e-commerce web design advice, here at WTS Technologies we’ve got you covered. Check out our top tips on the must-have features that should be incorporated into your business e-commerce website.

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Why a website is essential for your small business in 2017


In 2017 your small business needs to have a website. Here are 7 reasons why you should get in touch with a web development agency like WTS Technologies, and get your business online today:

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